Our life 1:12

We are a couple that have a passion in creating miniatures i scale 1:12. We have different projects that we work on together. Anders works with creating furniture and and other pieces from wood, he handles the electricity, metal and so on. Titti works with embroidery, colors, roomdesigns and upholstery. We also join different conventions were you can see our work.


Our own ongoing project is our miniature house, Ekeborg mansion. It´s a project that we ´ve been working on for many years. You can follow our work on our blog.



Our workshops

During the last couple of years we´ve built an organisation with workshops. 

It´s always stimulating to to create things together. We have workshops that we lead ourselves or with guest course leaders. You can join a workshop for a whole weekend or only for one day. If you join our workshops we stand for all the materials and you also get a homemade lunch and coffee. We also have workshops in other cities and then it can be other arrangements with lunch. When we have our workshops on Ekeborg we can help you with accommodation on Ringsjö Wärdshus for cost price. If you´re interested in joining a course, just click on workshops and see what we can offer right now.

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Our conventions

We join different conventions depently on time and how our production is going. If you click on conventions you can see what conventions we´re going to join and you can also see other conventions that we can recommend for a visit. We hope to see you sometime on a convention!

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Our shop

You will find our own products in our shop but you can also find products from other miniature makers from Sweden. You can find a fantastic creative joy in our country. You can always make contact on email if there´s anything you can´t find or if you want something in a different color.

Contact us

Please ask us in an e-mail